1. Cause of
    The cause of the fire was carelessness

    2. Combination of
    A combination of high interest rates and failing demands forced the company to close.

    3. Demand for
    The management has refused to agree to our demand for a 7% pay raise

    4. Development in
    People are happy with developments in medicine

    5. Effect of
    One of the effects of this illness is that you lose your hair

    6. Example of
    The church is a wonderful example of medical architecture

    7. Exception to
    We don't usually do it this way, but we'll make an exception to the rule in your case

    8. Idea for
    What gave you the idea for the book?

    9. improvement in
    There has been a significant improvement in the company's trading position.

    10. increase in
    An increase in crime was one of the most serious problems that city had.

    11. native of
    He is a native of California

    12. part in
    The question of cost will play an important part in our decision.

    13. price of
    What is the price of this suit?

    14. probability of
    There's very little probability of an agreement being reached

    15. problem with
    The company has no problem with the management

    16. process of
    Coal has formed out of dead forests by a long, slow process of chemical change

    17. reliance on
    I have complete reliance on his judgement

    18. result of
    His sickness is the result of the contaminated (poisoned) food

    19. rules for
    There are rules for driving

    20. rules of (a game)
    To enjoy golfing, you need to understand the rules of golf.

    21. solution to
    There are no simple solutions to the unemployement problem.

    22. source of
    We'll have to find a new source of income.

    23. A supply of
    Bring a large supply of food with you.

    24. A variety of
    The shirt is available in a variety of colors.

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    1. Afraid of
    I've always been afraid of flying

    2. Angry at (something)
    They were angry at the way they had been treated

    3. Angry with (someone)
    I was angry with her

    4. Attached to
    The children are very attached to their parents

    5. Based on
    He wrote a novel based on fact

    6. Capable of
    A force 10 wind is capable of blowing the roofs off houses

    7. Close to
    She was very close to death for a while.

    8. Dependent on
    I's very easy to become dependent on sleeping pills?

    9. Different from
    Emily is completely different from her sister.

    10. Disappointed with (by)
    I'm disappointed by the way our team played today.

    Các Cấu Trúc Từ Vựng Hay Xuất Hiện Trong Bài Thi TOEIC


    11. Eligible for: đủ tiêu chuẩn, thích hợp cho
    You have to be employeed for six months to be eligible for medical benefits.

    12. Essential to (for): cần thiết, thiết yếu
    A knowledge of English is essential to/for this job

    13. Familiar with: quen thuộc với
    I'm not familiar with current research in this field.

    14. Free from: không bị, thoát khỏi
    Because the organization is a charitable enterprise, it is free from tax worldwide.

    15. Free of: Miễn khỏi.
    My doctor told me I would never be completely free of diseases.

    Chú ý: Free from/of tax nhưng Free of duty

    16. Identical to: tương tự
    The tests are identical to those carried out last year.

    17. Married to: kết hôn
    How long have you been married to John.

    18. Preferable to (tốt hơn)
    Anything would be preferable to war

    19. Related to: liên quan đến
    These documents are related to tax refund.

    20. Responsible for: chịu trách nhiệm cho
    John is directly responsible for the efficient running of the office.

  • Các Cấu Trúc Từ Vựng Hay Xuất Hiện Trong Bài Thi TOEIC


    11. inferior to: thấp kém hơn, yếu về năng lực hơn
    They felt inferior to the others until the team's international success gave them some pride

    12. superior to: ưu việt hơn
    Manufacturing companies spend millions of dollars trying to convince customers that their products are superior to those of other companies.

    13. Satisfied with: hài lòng với
    I'm not fully satisfied with current the standard of your work.

    14. Similar to: tương tự
    I bought some new shoes which are very similar to a paid I had before.

    15. Subject to: chịu, bị
    Japan is a country subject to earthquake.

    Chú ý: Free from/of tax nhưng Free of duty

    16. Suitable for: Phù hợp cho
    The movie is rated R and is not suitable for chidlren.

    17. Surprised at (by): Ngạc nhiên
    We are very surprised at the result.