101. Businesses wait to be sure of an economic recovery but consumers are getting more ------- about the job market.
(A) optimist
(B) optimistic
(C) optimistically
(D) optimists

102. The ------- will be chaired by Mr. Sheldon, one of the most innovative directors in the company.
(A) category
(B) qualification
(C) committee
(D) productivity

103. The interest rate on housing loans dropped ------- 2.1 percent last month and is expected to go down further over the next few weeks.
(A) as
(B) to
(C) in
(D) since

104. The dessert shop specializes in cookies made of chocolate, but ------- are available.
(A) other
(B) the other
(C) another
(D) others

105. ------- the replacement parts are delivered by tomorrow, we will have more complaints from retailers and customers.
(A) Such as
(B) Given
(C) Unless
(D) Only if

106. Training sessions for all departmental supervisors will be held ------- the conference room.
(A) on
(B) of
(C) as
(D) in
107. For the people ------- were affected by the earthquake, the non-profit organization has asked for more aid.
(A) they
(B) whose
(C) who
(D) which

108. Among the ------- candidates for the position, Mr. Clark has the most experience in retail sales.
(A) likely
(B) conditional
(C) relied
(D) original

109. There is a ------- demand for video disc drives that are compatible with multiple disc formats.
(A) grow
(B) growing
(C) grew
(D) grows

110. Mr. Howard has ------- confidence in his computer programming skills that he never says no when asked to create utility software.
(A) another
(B) plenty
(C) such
(D) almost

111. The customer returned his order saying its switch was defective, and the online store agreed to ------- the full amount to his account.
(A) magnify
(B) credit
(C) discontinue
(D) charge

112. The management should realize that ------- out a loan is only a temporary solution to the company's financial problems.
(A) was taken
(B) taking
(C) having been taken
(D) taken
113. The CEO was very pleased with the results of the latest sales campaign ------- gave the sales manger a bonus.
(A) if so
(B) furthermore
(C) and
(D) then

114. A good manager should ------- try to create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.
(A) always
(B) nearly
(C) well
(D) far

115. The swimming pool had to be closed due to a ------- of funds for maintenance.
(A) level
(B) shortage
(C) range
(D) record

116. In order to maintain its good reputation, the restaurant does its best to serve the guests ------- and in a courteous manner.
(A) quick
(B) quicker
(C) quickness
(D) quickly

117. The head of sales department asked Mr. Karawara to turn in his sales report ------- noon today so that he could set the deadline.
(A) up to
(B) for
(C) till
(D) by

118. The extension of the deadline has enabled most of the sales representatives to complete their ------- on time.
(A) propose
(B) proposing
(C) proposal
(D) proposed

119. For over 20 years, Mr. Richardson has been a ------- member of the Green Club to volunteer his time to educate the public about recycling.
(A) first
(B) regular
(C) valued
(D) durable

120. After tremendous success of his first clothing shop, the designer has ------- to open another.
(A) picked
(B) decided
(C) settled
(D) established

121. It is surprising to see ------- much broadband Internet connection fees have dropped over the last year.
(A) thus
(B) how
(C) moreover
(D) because

122. ------- the cash register, you should first open the cash drawer with your key and punch in your employee number.
(A) Use
(B) To use
(C) Used
(D) Using

123. Economic experts agree that the merger will prove ------- rewarding, and that profits will soar in the near future.
(A) mutually
(B) lately
(C) exactly
(D) approximately

124. We are ------- that the proposal will meet with the approval of all parties concerned.
(A) confidence
(B) confide
(C) confident
(D) confidently

125. Even though the assistant manager, Mr. Schropp appeared unwilling ------- to a new post, he was persuaded by his family to accept it.
(A) transfer
(B) to transfer
(C) transferring
(D) to transferring

126. Property values dropped at an ------- rate, and some property owners tried to minimize the loss by selling their land.
(A) alarming
(B) enlarging
(C) according
(D) escaping

127. The fire insurance policy for the office building should be renewed on ------- before the 15th of this month.
(A) when
(B) neither
(C) either
(D) or

128. Mr. Garcia will already ------- his presentation on the new manufacturing process by the time you reach the convention center.
(A) finished
(B) have finished
(C) finishing
(D) finish

129. Consumers these days ------- about the amount of fat and sugar in food products.
(A) concern
(B) discern
(C) allow
(D) care

130. Mr. Toshi was elected to the city council, but has not officially started to carry out the duties -------.
(A) will be involved
(B) involves
(C) involving
(D) involved